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Overseas coverage for American Medicare recipients

If you are an American on Medicare, you are probably aware that Medicare does not cover Americans traveling abroad. Some Medicare recipients have contacted us about coverage for short-term trips.

Instead of getting separate international coverage you may want to purchase a Medicare supplement plan (C through J) from a local agent. This supplement will cover you for the first 60 days of a trip outside of the USA. There is a $250 deductible. Then the insurance will cover 80 percent of all billed charges up to a lifetime maximum of $50,000. The premium will be between $100 and $150 depending on your age. This “Foreign Travel Emergency” benefit is just one of the benefits in the supplement package. If you want information about Medicare supplement insurance or about an agent that can help you select a Medicare supplement, check out , or find an agent in your local phone book. (If you already have a Medicare supplement, you may only need to add $9.00 for overseas coverage.)

If you are not interested in taking out Medicare Supplement insurance, then you will need a good short-term plan that you can apply for online at



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