Short-term vs long-term major medical coverage

If you are going to be involved in overseas work for longer than three years, we would advise you to get long-term major medical insurance. Here is the problem: Short-term major medical can cover you up to three years, but then the plan will have to be re-written. If, during those first three years, you become sick, e.g., hepatitis, diabetes, urinary tract infection, back problem, etc. these will all be considered “pre-conditions” and will not be covered when you apply for the next short-term plan.

That is not the case with the long-term policies. The long-term policies will cover you for the rest of your life as long as you meet the residency conditions and keep your account current. Some folks opt for the short-term major medical coverage because it is less expensive, but this is taking a major risk if you are a career worker. Also, with a career plan you get at least six months of coverage in your home country in any given year. That is a good time to get medical needs taken care of. Short-term plans do not give you a similar benefit. If you have questions about the wisdom of choosing a long-term or short-term plan, please contact us.


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