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At Good Neighbor, we offer affordable health insurance for travelers and for non-profit and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to protect their international long-term and short-term staff living abroad. We also offer a wide variety of insurance products for tourists, businesses operating abroad, newlyweds on honeymoon, parents adopting internationally, missionaries and church-based short-term teams, and music groups/bands on tour overseas.

GNI is the answer to the growing B Corps and social business sector’s need for quality, affordable medical coverage. These amazing entrepreneurs and international businessmen and women are creating jobs overseas, growing local businesses, and changing village after village. Good Neighbor Insurance is proud to help them find affordable global medical insurance.

Good Neighbor Insurance (GNI) was started in a home office in 1997. Over sixteen years later, we continue to protect and serve both families and organizations serving abroad through affordable international health and travel insurance. Good Neighbor has become a respected, well-known brokerage, with strong financials, a dynamic growth plan, and double-digit growth year-after-year. Good Neighbor continues to hire, and grow, and refuses to slow down. Because there are still people out there woefully unprotected and sometimes even unaware of the risks they face. Like we say, “Overseas insurance doesn’t have to be expensive (or even complicated), it just has to be good.”

We are accredited members of both BBB (A+) and the NAHU.



  • Our unique relationship with multiple top-rated companies means you know you’re getting the best prices worry-free!
  • Quick and easy! Apply online or call for a FREE QUOTE. There is always a real person to talk with you!
  • We look after everything for you. Making sure you’’re covered, no mistakes or lapses. Friendly reminders.
  • A big company with a family atmosphere – Absolutely reliable, helpful people that hold to the highest ethical standards
  • We’’ve been there. Nearly 100 years of experience living and working overseas.
  • Our specialty is covering travel to remote areas for NGOs, non-profits, or social good companies with unique needs.


  • Charitable organizations and 501(c)(3) non-profits working abroad
  • Businesses operating outside the U.S. that require individual or corporate travel
  • Social and environmental entrepreneurs and B-corporations working abroad
  • Missionaries and mission sending agencies
  • International students and GAP-year students across the globe
  • Foreign Nationals visiting the United States or Canada
  • Churches sending individuals or teams on volunteer projects
  • Pastoral staff traveling to conferences abroad, or teaching/speaking abroad
  • Parents traveling to other countries to adopt
  • Adventure sports enthusiasts
  • Sport teams traveling outside their home country
    …as well as experienced travelers and expatriates worldwide.


Good Neighbor Insurance sales professionals have lived overseas themselves and have worked in Indonesia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Australia, Timor-Leste, Germany, Kenya, Turkey, France, Russia, Thailand, South Korea, Dominican Republic, England, Spain, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, El Salvador, Myanmar, and Morocco.

So helping other people while they are serving overseas is important to GNI.
It’’s personal because we understand, having been there themselves!

And we conduct our business with that same caring spirit and passionate interest.

Good Neighbor Insurance helps even those people who have insurance coverage elsewhere. Because it’’s the way we’’d like to be treated, we’’ve made it a part of our “Good Neighborly” guarantee of service.

Currently we provide worldwide travel and health coverage for over eighty international non-profit agencies and organizations, and many more businesses. We also provide coverage for short-term teams from hundreds of organizations and schools when traveling outside their home country.

We work closely with underwriters at IMG, GeoBlue, HCC, Aetna, MetLife, Seven Corners, Trawick, WEA, Petersen International, BUPA and others to guarantee the best rates and to help our clients with claims.


GNI has a special contract offering short-term teams one of the best insurance rates available anywhere. The rates are even lower than those published on the insurance provider’s website for the exact same short-term team plan.

We negotiated this rate for organizations and teams that might have difficulty qualifying for our discounted contract rates. It’s just one example of how we provide the absolute best services and rates to those who need them most. We take pride in the tens of thousands of happy customers we have all over the world.


Why should you choose a broker like Good Neighbor instead of going directly to an insurance company?

  1. Are they going to tell you everything you need to know? The price of the insurance is the same since our commission is paid by the carrier, but you receive better service and more choices. Plus, having traveled ourselves, we know what you don’t need.
  2. Consider this:
    What if your insurance company doesn’’t have a plan to fit your needs?
    What if there is a much better plan with another insurance carrier?
    How many hours would it take for you to contact each insurance company, fill out their paperwork, and then start again with the next carrier?
    Do you know which carriers are the best for responding quickly to situations, and pay claims the fastest? We do.
    Does your carrier hire trained medical staff in case you need to call on them?

At GNI, our goal is to do good to all–When we interact with someone or something WE WANT TO LEAVE IT BETTER than it was before: To impart “value” into everything we do, and benefit everyone we meet by leaving them a bit richer from the experience.

We select insurance carriers with the best A+ ratings and the strong, conservative financials so you know they’ll be there when you call. We have the best plans for a team, an individual, for maternity, for singles, even for protecting your valuable equipment overseas or during shipment. Because it’s not “good” insurance if you’re paying too much or if the insurance plan does not fit you needs.

At Good Neighbor Insurance, we are committed to the highest level of trust and privacy, as well as honest communication and personal touch. We still answer our phones personally so you won’’t have to leave a message. We discuss the issues that affect your quote and strategies to save money. Since we offer multiple plans from all the top-rated insurance companies, you don’’t need to worry about whether there is a lower rate at another broker. And our employees work as a team, not paid on individual commission, so our agents all work together to help you and your assigned sales professional. Questions?

Contact us at [email protected] or (480) 813-9100.




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