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A new era, a new website to meet current-day international travelers needs.

Our site has been redesigned to help you find the right international health insurance plan quickly. You’ll still be able to VIEW ALL PLANS, but now you can also see WHAT GNI RECOMMENDS, and get lots more help and answers online. Don’t see the specific insurance you are looking for? Try “Health Insurance for Specific Needs” under INT’L. HEALTH INSURANCE in the main menu, or look under Life, Property, and AD&D. We’ve also created an “Ask Jeff” area where you can see answers to questions by thousands of other travelers with questions just like yours. Lastly, we now have a blog on-site so let us know of stories and links you think the larger community needs to know about, and we’ll help spread the word!

Good Service: We are passionate at Good Neighbor Insurance about helping travelers and overseas workers stay safe because most of us have lived and worked overseas ourselves. Get to know us…

Good Rates: Our short-term insurance start at less than $1.00 a day, and includes medical and political evacuation at no extra cost. Since many of our clients work in the non-profit, charitable sector serving others all around the world (often in remote areas) – We are not only committed to helping them stay safe, we are committed to help them save money and put that money to better use. Use the quick app on the right to get a quick quote or click here…

Good Choice: We have researched and selected the best, most cost-effective travel medical insurance carriers and plans for each type of travel, so you can find the right plan and benefits easily. Simply look for “GNI RECOMMENDS”…And you can always see and compare every plan we offer in a category by simply clicking “SEE ALL PLANS.”

Good service, Good rates, Good choice…. Helping travelers and organizations stay safe for over 17 years.

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Why Choose GNI?

Multiple Carriers - One-stop shopping

Our unique relationship with multiple top-rated companies means you get the best choices and best prices guaranteed! Without dealing with subpar carriers, because we select only the best, most responsive, top-rated companies.

Attention to your needs

Service. Without paying a penny more. Our prices are the SAME as going directly to a carrier, but you gain an advocate that can help you with claims, paperwork and will save you money by helping you select just what you need, and nothing that you won’t need.

Overseas experience - priceless

We’ve been there ourselves, with nearly 100 years combined living and working overseas.Why would you buy insurance from a credit card company or salesperson that doesn’t know where you are going or what you might need?

Only what you need - Custom plans

Whether a group health plan or individual insurance, we can customize plans including riders to make sure you have exactly what you need, and not a bunch of expensive options that you don’t.

Volume – What it means for you

Affordability – With plans starting at around $1.00 a day. We have even negotiated options that are cheaper than if you shopped directly with the carrier. And our volume of business means we can ask underwriters for help with claims, the insurance process, etc. to serve and protect you and your family better.

Comprehensive Insurance Solutions

Did you know that domestic life insurance won’t usually cover you if living overseas? Even if you’ve had the policy for many years. So at Good Neighbor we make sure you are covered either as part of your travel insurance, or a separate policy. Need extreme sports coverage? A single place where the whole team can sign up? Kidnap and ransom? Or have a preexisting condition? We can help.

Specializing in non-profits/giving back

Insuring non-profit organizations,
B corporations, mission sending agencies, as well as NGOs in remote areas, makes up a large part of our ethos and business. And we make sure there’s always a real person to talk with you!

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