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The best travel insurance. Affordable international health insurance for living abroad.

Only the best international health insurance plans from top carriers. Find the right travel medical insurance or emergency evacuation plan quickly and easily. VIEW ALL PLANS or see WHAT GNI RECOMMENDS, and get answers to travel insurance questions. Don’t see what you are looking for? Try “Health Insurance for Specific Needs” under INT’L. HEALTH INSURANCE in the main menu. We’ve also have an “Ask Jeff” area where you can see answers to questions by thousands of other travelers with questions just like yours for over a decade.

Good Service: We are passionate at Good Neighbor Insurance about helping travelers and overseas workers stay safe because most of us have lived and worked overseas ourselves. Get to know us…

Good Rates: Our trip insurance starts at less than $1.00 a day, and includes medical and political evacuation at no extra cost. Many of our clients work in the non-profit, charitable sector serving others around the world (often in remote areas) – And we are committed to helping them (and you!) stay safe, AND save money. Use the app on the right to get a quick quote or click here…

Good Choice: We have researched and selected the best, most affordable international travel medical insurance carriers and plans for each type of travel, so you can find the right plan and benefits easily. Unlike many brokers, we don’t just sell one type of policy, or just one carrier’s plans – So you get the best choices every time.

Good service, Good rates, Good choice…. Helping travelers and organizations stay safe for over 17 years.

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