The Good Neighbor Travel Insurance blog, “Travel Purposefully,” is written to help you, the reader with your travels, make better decisions, help you travel better overseas, keep up n recent world news and events that might effect you, conferences, education overseas, issues of social good, job creation and community development, as well as critical updates to insurance plans, and more.

Depending on the subject matter, a post might be informative, funny, sobering, a call-to-action, or a story you might want to forward to a friend, (such as a great travel tip, a money-saving article, or a great travel plan to help a family member. – All designed to help improve your life as a traveler, expatriate, or organization. We encourage you to search the categories to find those items you are most interested in.

A footnote to this travel insurance blog:

We hope this travel insurance blog helps you and encourages you to give back. Because if you are able to travel (and aren’t being forced to travel as a refugee or displaced due to war) you have much to be grateful for….And YOU have something to give.

Whether it’s a day or two while on vacation, or maybe the rest of your life by starting an orphanage, or school for “at-risk” kids (or like some of our friends did – A new business creating bikes in Zambia from bamboo to offer cheap alternative transportation to villagers in Africa so they can get to work and to the hospital). Yes, even a bike can be taken for granted. And so can your health. If this blog helps you with answers to common travel insurance questions, inspires you, helps you live a long, healthy life, and protects your family from the unexpected – We have achieved our goal. “Travel smarter. Travel safer!”